2nd day of intern – Field work!

Today is a very interesting day. It is my 2nd day of internship in ASPEC. I was assigned to go out to a kampung area near Kuala Selangor together with Siew Yee. After a boring first day, I feel pretty exciting about this. Actually our field work is call pollution source inventory. It means we try to identify and categorize all the possible point source pollution to the river we are researching – Sungai Buloh. Hence we need to collect data from the river basin.

We were going around in a kampung which have 5 sub-kampungs namely Kampung Bukit Cherakah, Kampung Bukit Hijau, Kampung Bukit Kuching, Kampung Bukit Kuching Tengah and one I couldn’t remember because it was done already. We go to each kampung to find their ketua kampung and ask about some statistics of the kampung. Surprisingly, the kampung is so well planned. Only bad is that all the road seems to be the same to me. From the interviews with the ketua kampung, we found out that the major problem is that there is not proper septic system in the kampung. One of the ketua kampung has 4 to 5 toilets in his house because the septic tank is full. Another problem is rubbish. They usually collect it and burn in their backyard. It is very bad to the environment because they even burn plastic!!

Then we go around to see whether there is any workshop, school, farm. There is a very big cow farm. The owner said there are 400 plus cows in his farm. Talking about the wastes from the farm, he said they have 3 ponds to collect the wastes. As for the solid, they collect it and use it as fertilizer for the palm oil farm. Then the wastewater is collected by a company to neutralized their acidic wastewater. No wastewater is discharge directly to the river. Muito Bem!

This make my 2nd day of internship. Tomorrow gonna go out again. Hopefully a good one.



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